March 29th, 2014

Droid #226

Copic Marker Mechs.

I draw too tightly. Always have. Way too much consideration to making something that looks nice, rather than trying to capture a great idea. That’s why I’ve started drawing these little pen and pencil doodles lately, and it’s why I gave the Copic Markers another go.

Throwing in a really broad shape with the markers makes you forget about trying to create something beautiful, it’s about creating a cool shape, or an interesting form. Picking up a pigment liner and then trying to discover the shapes is great fun, and it’s a pretty quick way to work. The page of six mechs took about 30 minutes.

The last photo just shows my mugs full of pens. Copic markers, and a few Sharpies in the first mug - along with a white gel pen, and a Pentel Pocket Brush. Sakura Pigma Microns, Staedtler Pigment Liners and a few Faber Castells in the second mug, and a bunch of pencils in the last - along with a brush for removing erasing bits, and a scalpel for sharpening. There are a few ellipse and circle guides behind, with a metal ruler and a few coloured pencils. 

That’s pretty much my entire arsenal.

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